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Welcome to LiveAxom, the only site with a free gate-pass to the spectacular collection of unbounded music. At LiveAxom you’ll find the melodies from old nostalgic days to today’s jaw-dropping peppy tracks, free of charge.

We are the music specialists and our only focus is to equip your body and soul with euphonic music that you are looking for. The site is well-tuned to deliver the best possible quality of mellow music. You can either stream the songs online or you can download unlimited songs free, without any registration.

Generally we have switch to different sites to access the songs of our choice since we have an ear for music since childhood. So we generally wish to master the collection of all the favorite songs from childhood to the latest one we heard today morning on the radio. Some sites specialize in collection of old songs, while some rule in stocking trendy tracks. LiveAxom is a super centre where you will find exclusive songs that the other music sites may not treasure. LiveAxom has been amplifying the spirits of all ages.

Apart from the diverse collection of songs, what makes this site one step ahead of all other sites is the exquisite feature of Lyrics. So, if you are a music lover and you would like to memorize your favorite song, you do not have to hunt for the lyrics anywhere else. You can simply click on ‘lyrics’ and can type the name of the song. The lyrics of your most relished song will be in front of you in the wink of an eye. The site holds an enormous database of songs in English, Hindi, Assamese and many more languages. The Billboard spectacles the best 25 songs of all-times, while the Most Liked features the most clicked/downloaded songs.

We thank you for tuning into LiveAxom for your musical voyage. We, ‘the music freaks’ are still on the mission to update the newest tracks, so stays tuned for sheer amusement.

This is an uncomplicated and easy-to-use site that even a juvenile can operate. All you need to do is to type the name of your favorite singer or the band and the next page will exhibit a rundown of all the relevant tracks. LiveAxom is designed in a way that once you enter a keyword in the search bar, it searches all the embedded sites and it displays the ones with the best available quality. So, there is a possibility that once you enter a keyword, the site might find hundreds of songs matching with the same keyword but it shortlists the melodies with peerless quality. This ensures that you lay your eyes on a splendid frill of songs that will certainly tickle your soul.

We are music maniacs and we are desperate to update new songs every day. Therefore, we would suggest you add this website to your list of ‘top choices’ in your Web program. This would ensure that you do not miss on any update regarding the updated tracks.

Life is a song and love is the lyrics, so keep loving the song!

Stay happy!

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