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Saat uchakkey bollywood movie review: The movie, Saatuchakkey is an Indian film directed by theater man and the song writer Sanjeev Sharma. He has also co-written the film. The film is about seven old Delhi (Purina Dilli) uchakkey, good for nothing guys who decide to make it big by planning a loot. The gang leader is Pappi (Manoj Bajpayee) who makes his living by polishing the antique statues and spends his money on the lottery ticket. His gang consists of locksmith Haggu (yes, you heard it right! Nitin Bhasin), metal smith Kappe (Aparajit Khurana, Ayushman’s brother), Knick knack seller Babbe (Jatin Sarna), a gambler Ajji (Vipul vig) and multi-talented petty criminal Jaggi (Vijay Raaz). They are the old Delhi’s ocean eleven ensembles. The first half of the film sketches these characters and other supporting characters like Sona (Aditi Sharma, from serial Ganga), a Pappi’s girlfriend and the local policeman Tejpal (Kay Kay Menon) who also has his sights on sona. The movie starts in a psychiatric ward (aptly) with an unstable inmate Bichchi (Anukapoor) and goes into the shade by lanes of old Delhi, where Pappi wants to get rich quick and marry his girlfriend Sona. But the gang’s get rich quick methods are unclear and vague. Like their first idea’ Bijli Churani h’. The film beats around the bush with the characters raving and bickering and if you want a degree in Indian cuss words, this is the film to watch. Yes, old Delhi people may be foul mouth, but Saat Uchakkey takes the crashness to another level. Pappi calling his girlfriend Kutiya and physically abusing her at times because he loves her (well it must be true love!). The plot becomes clear quite late and the parallel story of Bichchi is just for the sake of absurdity. Coming to the loot plot, there is an old mansion, owned by an old man (Anupam Kher) with a hidden treasure chest and the Uchakkey gang plans to loot it. They use shady methods like a man pretending to be a god’s voice. But after locating and getting close to their loot, they develop a conscience. But the story is not about morality dilemma. It’s not entirely clear what the story is about. This is the pitfall of the movie.

Saat uchakkey bollywood movie

Saat uchakkey bollywood movie


Saat uchakkey has a great cast. But the script doesn’t do them justice. There are some flashes of brilliance from the director, but still isn’t good enough to last a 2 hr. 19 min long narrative plot. Saat Uchakkey had all the things required for a good recipe. But the movie remains half cooked.

On the positive note, Saatuchakkey does justice to Delhi lanes, beautifully shot. Manoj Bajpayee has a bad hairstyle (Remember dumb and dumber!) and he plays a loud and foul-mouthed character perfectly (what the director wanted him to do). What is disheartening is to see is good actors like Kay Kay Menon and Bajpayee resorting to crash gaalis for the shock value. Vijay Raaj essays his character perfectly. AditiSharma brings a freshness to the screen. AnuKapoor and Anupam Kher are a little over the top. Acting and Comedy (even if a lil bit brash) are the saving grace of the film. All in all, after a point Saat Uchakkey just drags on.

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