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Pink Bollywood Movie and Music Review: Pink is a youth-centric portrayal of society and system’s perspective towards women and gives the social message of accepting and respecting the choices which a young Indian woman makes. Pink is the story of three single flat mates Meenal Arora(Taapsee Pannu), Falak Ali(Kriti Kulhari) and Andrea(Andrea Tairang), whose night out at a rock concert  sets off a terrifying chain of events.The simply presented film seems powerful because of its message, dialogues, screenplay and performances. Their encounter with Rajveer(Angad Bedi) and his cronies at a surajkund resort and rejecting his advances and his tries at molestation leads them into frightful situations and the first half of the film sees girls fighting for their safety and Rajveer’s evil antics making their life hell.

Pink Bollywood Movie and Music Review-liveaxom

The second half of the film is an intriguing courtroom drama where lawyer Deepak sehgall helps them in their fight for justice. Director Aniruddha Roy Chaudhary raises the social issues through her well-directed film with good performances and great dialogues. Pink shows the vulnerability, anger, fear, frustration and anxiety of these three women as well as the the attitude of the men around them : a caring landlord, a nosy neighbor who accuses them of prostitution, a neutral ex-boyfriend, the highly patriarchal rowdy gang of Rajveer and his friends, a lawyer who will humiliate them with intrusive misogynist questions to help his client win the case, a policeman who advises them not to lodge the complaint .pink makes a mockery of Indian society and its prejudices and stereotypical norms towards women.

The chemistry of the three girls is natural and believable as single working women in Delhi. Taapsee pannu does justice to her character. A special mention of KritiKalahari for her breakdown scene. Andrea Tairang is a believable character. Amitabh Bacchan gives a subtle, restrained yet powerful performance as lawyer Deepak Sehgall. Angad Bedi gives a credible performance as a politically well-connected rich boy. Mamta Malik get her accent and attitude spot on as a biased Haryanvicop. The only song in the film, kaari kaari raina, portrays the mood and the message of the film perfectly. The rest of the cast has also justified their roles.

Pink is a film with hard hitting messages and delivered perfectly. Society needs to look at women differently and allow them a choice to live their life on their own terms. Pink is aimed at the youth of today.

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