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Paisa Yeh Paisa Lyrics – Total Dhamaal | LiveAxom

Paisa Yeh Paisa Lyrics from the movie Total Dhamaal. This song is sung by Dev Negi, Subhro Ganguly, Arpita Chakraborty and composed by Gourov-Roshin with lyrics penned by Kunwar Juneja.

Paisa Yeh Paisa song from the movie Total Dhamaal. Total Dhamaal movie stars Ajay Devgn, Anil Kapoor & Madhuri Dixit .



♪♪♪ Song: Paisa Yeh Paisa
 ☺☺☺  Singers: Dev Negi, Subhro Ganguly, Arpita Chakraborty
♫♫♫ Music: Gourov-Roshin
 ✍✍✍ Lyrics: Kunwar Juneja


Paisa Yeh Paisa Lyrics – LiveAxom

☆☆☆ Gulaaaabi note jaise hoth
☆☆☆ Kudiyaaan de bang bang lagde
☆☆☆ Day ho yaaa night paise waaale
☆☆☆ De mobile bang bang bajjde


☆☆☆ Money daaa swag super
☆☆☆ Koyi naaa isse upar
☆☆☆ Machataaa hai yeh total dhamaaaal


☆☆☆ Laaa la laaa laaa laaa..
☆☆☆ Ek do teen char
☆☆☆ Paaaanch chheh saaaat aaaath


☆☆☆ Laaa laaa laaa laaa laaa..
☆☆☆ Ek, paisaaa yeh paisaaa
☆☆☆ Do, jaisaaa hai kaisaaa
☆☆☆ Teen, nahi koyi aisaaa
☆☆☆ Chaaaar, jaisaaa yeh paisaaa
☆☆☆ Paaaanch, yeh ho museebat
☆☆☆ Chheh, naaa ho museebat
☆☆☆ Ho museebat, naaa ho museebat
☆☆☆ Saaaat aaaath nau dus  (2x)


☆☆☆ Laaa laaa laaa laaa laaa..
☆☆☆ Ek do teen chaaar
☆☆☆ Paaaanch chheh saaaat aaaath

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