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MSG: The warrior Lion Heart Movie Review | LiveAxom

MSG: The warrior Lion Heart Movie Review: The movie, MSG: – The warrior Lion Heart is the third film from Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insane’s Messenger of God series. This movie is directed by Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan. The head of Dera Sacha Sauda star him (obviously). Also, he has worked in 28 different departments of the film. It can’t be called a movie, it’s a propaganda piece just like the other movie in the series. This movie is just for self-styled (he has designed the clothes for himself and the cast) RamRahim’sbhakt. And apparently, there are some (you can check the IMDB ratings of the last two films) Here we give you the gist of the story.

MSG: The warrior Lion Heart Movie Review LiveAxom

The story (if we can call this that) is about a man called the Lionheart with superhuman abilities, who must protect the earth from invading aliens. Lionheart is also lovingly called Sherdil throughout the film. Lionheart is the head of an organization called Indian lion investigation agency. As the agency gets the Intel that aliens are to invade the planet, Sherdil went into the flashback some 300 yrs ago where the same Lionheart was an Army commander and who saved the planet from aliens that time. The entire movie is about Sherdil saving the planet. The editing and costumes took bizarre to a new height. For e.g. When Sherdil narrates the 300 years  old story, even his friends can see him in the flashback. At one point, Lionheart says ‘This is Sherdil’ (what technology did he use!). If you think that maybe this will be fun and you can at least laugh. Think again. There is a cave fight scene which is so unappealing that it looks right out of a bad scary dream. Sherdil’s sense of humor is bizarre too. When Sherdil’s sisters ask for a Rakhi gift, he says he has two kale kaloote boys ready as their grooms (Nice one Sherdil!) and the girls giggle. Who doesn’t want a brother like Sherdil. Another time when asked why he is Vegetarian Sherdil proclaims that non- vegetarians are demons like Hidimba. When a surma wearing goated man (Cliché for a Muslim man) is about to butcher a Cow, Sherdil goes all Cow is our holy mother on him. He is a maseeha of women, but doesn’t mind his wife massaging his feet, his sisters waiting for him to be rescued. The supporting cast is there to chant the virtues of Sherdil nonstop, it’s their only job.

The movie is an 118 min tribute that a self-obsessed man has paid to himself. It’s all about how Ram Raheem Insane is the next superhero of India fights Aliens, protecting his sisters and Cows. The special effects will put even Shakti man’s visual effects to shame. The Costumes designed by him can only be worn by a Lionheart. Even if you try hard, you can’t see a logic in this film. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan is the director and star of the film and if you want to keep your Sanity, let him be the Audience too.

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