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MS Dhoni: The untold story- Movie / Music Review | LiveAxom

MS Dhoni: The untold story is a truly inspirational biography in the sense that it doesn’t capitalize on sensational topics but focuses on the human emotions ranging from pride to aggression to helplessness to sorrow to bring out the character of a cricket legend Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Cricket is part of the story but it isn’t the story. It is the story of rise of a boy from homely quarters of Ranchi to the TV screens and hearts of  cricket lovers worldwide. Director Neeraj Pandey brings an authenticity to the portrayal of middle class household, in which a father is at crossroads with his son’s desire to pursue sports and practicality of life and a mother who supports him from the backdrop. Anupam kher does justice as Dhoni’s father pan singh Dhoni.

MS Dhoni: The untold story-liveaxom.com

A young Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s talent is scouted by cricket coach Banerjee(Rajesh Sharma) on football field.Dhoni’s friends and sisters are supportive of him and the entire Ranchichants “Mahi mar raha hai “whenever he goes on field. MS Dhoni: The untold story narrates the tale from a 15 year old Dhoni till the end of 2011 world cup. This  may seem like a fanboy’s account to show us the perfect dream and how to achieve it but it works. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is aptly played by Sushant singh Rajput who has embodied Dhoni’s gait, expressions and helicopter shot and he was supported by good VFX by which in some shots his face is morphed on to the real Dhoni. He has perfectly shown the helplessness of the character being trapped in a railway job in Kharagpur to the little known romantic sides with Priyanka(Disha patani)which ends tragically and Sakshi (Kiara advani), whom he marries. The cricket fans are showed aptly. Harry tangri charms with his portrayal of Yuvraj. The movie gives its viewers a feel good effect.

MS Dhoni: The untold story- Music Review:

The music of MS Dhoni: The untold story is composed by Amaal malik and has lyrics penned by Manojmuntashir. The first song `Besabriyan’  sung by Armaan malik is about pursuing your dreams and the song is soulful. The use of guitar and manoj muntashir’s lyrics is perfect. `Kaun tujhe’ sung by Palak Munchal is a mellow number which describes a girl in love. The song is beautiful with meaningful lyrics. ‘Jab Tak’ is sung by Armaanmalik, in which male character professes his love. It is a praiseworthy try. `Parwah nahi’ by Siddharth Basrur is a rock number and the music is catchy, which makes you hum along with the song. Jabtak(redux) is peppier than original song but lacks soul. The final number` padhoge likhogesung’ by Adithya. A. Prithiviraj and Ananya Nanda is a dance number with lots of dhol and shehnai and makes fun of the old saying that how a child who plays is meant to be Kharab and if you will Padhoge Likhoge then you will become a Nawab. Well, Dhoni is no less than a Nawab.

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