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Mirzya Action Bollywood Movie / Music Review | LiveAxom

Mirzya is a movie of epic action, romance drama set in contemporary times. The movie is directed by Mr. Rakeysh Omprakash and stars Harshavardhan and Saiyami in main lead roles along with Nuj Choudhury, Om Puri, K.K.Raina and Anjali Patil in sub pivotal roles. The film debuts the return of Gulzar to screenplay writing and is scheduled to release on October 7,2016.Mirzya is inspired by the Punjabi folklore of Mirza Sahiban. Mirzya makes the debut of Harshavardhan Kapoor, son of Anil Kapoor and brother of actress Sonam Kapoor.


The movie trailers take us through different eras – Mirza Sahiban from the ancient folklore and there are lovers from the modern times. Apparently the modern lovers run away from Sahiban’s home on the night of her wedding to another boy. The modern love story of Adil and Suchi is set in Rajasthan, while the ancient story takes place in Ladakh. Though there is a passage of time, but love remains same. The second trailer gives a little insight into the love story and has more dialogues. In the epic love story, Mirza holds an arrow while in the modern story Mirza holds a gun. In the folk love story, when the time comes, Sahiban breaks the arrow fearing the death of her brothers and Mirza unable to defend himself dies along with Sahiban.

Mirzya is Mehra’s take on the events and how they unfold. The scenes are spectacular and visual effects are breathtaking. Harshavardhan and Saiyami Kher are promising in the trailers. The music of Mirzya is a mix of different genres coming together and creating a fusion album. The lyrics are by Gulzar and the music is by Shankar Ehsaan Loy and Daler Mehendi. Aave re hichki sung by Mahadevan  is demure and has the feel of a song sung by a female singer, but Gulzar reverts it beautifully. Doli re Doli is a mix of classical Hindustani music with piano. Kaaga is a song that hardly provides the singer time to breathe sung by Kaushiki Chakraborty. Mirzya title track has percussions and the feel of an all-female Aarti through speakers.

Song uses instruments like pungi. Teen gawah hai ishq me song has the amazing vocals of Sapin Zahoor, taken over by Siddarth Mahadevan. The music is a mixture of modern and ancient. Chakora is a song about partridge flying through the moon. Chakora features Mame khan,Shuchismita das and Akhtar Chinnal. The song is fast paced and has many different sounds and moods. Hota hai song is about heartache and vocals by Nooran sisters, Daler Mehndi. The song is fresh and sets the mood for someone happily destroying themselves in love.

Ek nadi is sung by Nooran sisters with such passion that it leaves you haunted and stunned. The lyrics talks about a stream, of either love or destiny which flows the way it is meant to. Also included in this epic music video are six tracks by Daler Mehndi: yeh wadiyan doodhiyan koohre ki,Mirza se darre khuda,Mera Mirza sher jawan,lahoo luhan zameen hui, puuch na pence mamle,phaa paye na ishq Da. Each song is outstanding with Daler Mehndi on the vocals.It will be beautiful to see how everything comes together on screen. Mirzya’s soundtrack is fresh and interesting. Mirzya’s trailer as well as the soundtrack promises a great experience to the viewers.