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Madaari Hindi Movie Review – Axomlive

It is a 2016 Indian social thriller film directed by Nishikant Kamat. Shailesh Singh, Madan Paliwal, Sutapa Sikdar and Shailja Kejriwal produce it. Starring in this movie are Irfan Khan, Vishesh Bhansal, Jimmy Shergil, Tushar Dalvi and Nitesh Pandey. This film is released on 22 July 2016.

In this film, the story has been described as a 10-year-old child, Rohan, is kidnapped from his hostel. The son of Home Minister. The army and CBI into the action. This film is based on how to take a justice against some problem we should raise our voice if something wrong happens. Irfan Khan is happy to be ruled until one day when the rule of law is destroyed. He sees injustice and anarchy around him and decides to extract revenge. He described himself as an ‘ideal voter. A man involved with getting in the ‘dal-roti’, he believes what the ‘Shaashan’ and the ‘media’ tells him, who is so busy in bringing up, his motherless son that he is no time for anything else.

Madaari Hindi Movie Review – Axomlive

Big words, these. In addition, big concept. Their utilization in the film’s plot is too literal. Initially, Nirmal tries to avenge a personal tragedy by targeting a top politician through his son and then in all the oratory. Irfan Khan, who seeks answers and accountability after losing everything in a disaster. The movie is all about how is the distressed common man, who has lost his son, fights against corruption and the system of his country. He was raising a hand, he was taking steps towards the problem that all the ‘neta’s’ has maiden his country he was fighting to get the justice. The audience also says that Nishikant has made a brilliant attempt to display corruption in an entertaining way in ‘Madaari’. The act of him is appreciable, in addition, his gripping and convincing screenplay keeps filmgoers engaged in the former half of the film. The main idea of the film, is it exposes the corruption and indifferent attitude of the government. The film with some emotional scenes are sure to strike a chord with the viewer. It is a beautiful concoction prepared with the rich ingredients. This motivational movie can make others think about their society and how helping  others.

The last 20 minutes are touching and engrosses you to back to the screen ‘Madaari’. This film has done a great performance with his team. The film was shot in New Delhi, Rajasthan. Dehradun, Shimla, and Mumbai. Irfan han has played a very fantastic as well as supporting roles. He helped and saves a life and many people have got an inspiration from him while watching this movie many people has got inspired they started putting a positive thing in their mind and they learned one thing from this movie that helping is the only source to win someone’s heart and if you will help someone one day,  then definitely if you need a help god will be there for you just a raise a voice against crime.