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Fuddu Bollywoood Movie Review | LiveAxom

Fuddu Bollywoood Movie Review: Fuddu is Sunil Subramani’s directorial debut, which tells the story of Mohan(Subham) who leaves Banaras and comes to Mumbai (city of dreams apparently) in hopes of a good life. But what he is met with is a cramped south Mumbai Chawl where his brother resides. Mohan finds a stable job and marries Shalini (Swati Kapoor). Mohan is shy and hesitates to get intimate with Shalini. The presence of six family members complicates the situation. Shalini gives him subtle hints but he fails to recognize them. He doesn’t even profess his love to her. Shalini finally has had enough and thinks Mohan is Impotent and leaves the house. This creates a misunderstanding and Mohan even gets humiliated by his family. The rest of the story is how Mohan will make things better.

Fuddu Bollywoood Movie Review

Shubham brings out the character beautifully, be it his naiveté and his pain. He has become the character he plays. Swati Kapoor does justice to what small screen time is given to her. The supporting characters do their job well, especially Mohan’s brothers and his friend Sam. The concept is new, portraying the lifestyle of middle-class people. The end is silly, but the film is fine overall. There are some masala tricks too, like a special track at the end featuring sunny Leone and Sharman Joshi (totally unrequired ). Ranbir Kapoor has recited a couplet for the song. However, only this track Tu Zaroorat Nahi Tu Zaroori Hai is worth mentioning, others are passable. Gauhar Khan is also seen in an item number. The The Fuddu is a fresh difference from the masala movies of Bollywood with no plot, but it can’t be called extraordinary. The film is not edited well and has a few loopholes here and there. The director has made a sincere attempt with a simple subject and without much melodrama, but he takes a lot of time establishing Mohan’s angst. Proper editing and trimming would have been helpful. Watch it if you are in a mood for a mild, real middle-class slice of life story without too much intensity. However, I would suggest that it would be better to watch this when it premiers on TV rather than buying a ticket