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Force-2 Hindi Movie Review at LiveAxom

The film-starring John Abraham, Sonakshi Sinha, and Tahir Taj as the lead. Film is full of drama and action. The film does not have big soundtracks. Amaal Malik and Gourov Roshin have composed the music. From 2011 “Force”, this sequel of “Force-2” was expected to be much more thrilling and full of action. The return of ACP Yashwardhan is although double time faster, actioner, and scenic Budapest, in comparison to force the another sequel Force-2 was expected to come up with more drama, love, and a lot of action but by the end it felt like overlong and stretched and more than anything else, it was over familiar. This the problem what many Bollywood filmmakers face while making a sequence like Bond-Bourne combo in Bollywood style with full of bristling cops, smart pies, most important part twisted villains and a female in lead with her complicated relationship with the gun.

Force-2 Hindi Movie Review at LiveAxom

In the film Yashwardhan role played by John Abraham was an angry stone hearted man with flint-eyed after his pretty wife was murdered. Later on, after 5 years he was given a prettiest and good looking Raw agent named KK aka Kamaljit Kaur role played by Sonakshi Sinha. Her character is very much strict and women with rules and regulations but underneath her confident women, there is just a silly pretty girl.

Many stunts performed in this film are so much familiar and mostly seen in every action movie. Most of the scenes were thrilling but already have been seen. In this film, Abrahams super toned muscles were well used to get rid of all the bad guys but much more could have been done with his muscular toned body to flaunt in a film. Songs in this film like “Rang Laal” is more like an anthem for the heroes who fight for the nation. John Abraham and Sonakshi Sinha also gave their voice over in this song, which is quite impressive. Songs of this film are like earworms. Liked by many. There are almost 4 songs in this film and all songs are hit according to the film and are composed accordingly the shots. Tahir Raj Bhasin is the most interesting element in this film as he plays the role of a bad guy Shiva Sharma. But like other action films how a villain can win from a hero and so gets a bad end for him but he made a movie a more than one time watch with his super villain acting. The film can be said much more a rewarding watch. And only what is average in this film is its soundtrack. They are not much like ‘must hear’. Aside from all thing, it’s a must watch movie with both family and friends. And the director obviously made the best from first sequence Force.

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