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Beiimaan love bollywood movie review

Beiimaan love bollywood movie review: Beiimaan love is a Bollywood thriller film directed and produced by Rajeev Chaudhari. The movie stars Sunny Leone, Daniel Weber and Rajneish Duggal and was released on 14, October, 2016. Beiimaan love is a love story between two people (Sunaina and Raj) with hidden agendas. The movie doesn’t start with rolling credits but a music video featuring Sunny Leone. In addition, you know that movie will cash Sunny until the end. The next scene shows the entry of Sunaina (Sunny Leone), a successful entrepreneur, owner of Janaki Exports. An Award is facilitating her, being the envy of many including Raj (Rajneish Duggall) and she credits all her success to one Daniel Peterson (Daniel Weber, Sunny Leone’s real life husband). There is a witty and sarcastic banter between Raj and Sunaina indicating there is a dark history. The movie cuts to three years ago. Sunaina (Sunny Leone) enters a club with obscene noises in the background (cliché). Raj tries to molest her and Sunaina slaps him. Raj’s male ego is hurt and he decides to take revenge. He starts searching for Sunaina, cut to a random homophobicscene. The supporting actors are irritating, to say the least.Finally, Sunaina is found and she is working as a business development manager at KK exports (owned by Raj’s father coincidentally) KK Mehra (Rajiv Verma).After a lot of Misogynistic comments, Raj bets with his brother in law Monish (Yuvraj Singh) that he will have Sunaina in his bed in 10 days.Sunaina after discovering Raj as her boss; apologizes to him (gotta keep her job!).Then they are shown dealing with a Chinese client and their poor attempts at making a joke. “One kg of pure filtered Jaisalmer sand for everyone. It is, Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai but not bhai behen” is one of the lame jokes. All we can say is at least Sunaina and Raj are good looking. So back to the story, Sunaina falls in Love with Raj and later becomes jilted. The movie is about Sunaina’s Revenge on Raj and how their love story takes an unexpected turn.

Beiimaan love bollywood movie review liveaxom

The story is typical cliché, the characters are inconsistent and the dialogues are written for dummies. The movie is filled with Sexism, homophobes, and typical sunny Leoneseduction. The good things about Beimaan Love are Sunny Leone and the movie’s Music. The movie Beiimaan love is eye soothing with the use of Glamorous and chic background. However, the Script is not well written. The movie has the 80s and 90s feel. Sunny Leone has put her best efforts to play a beautiful and confident girl with this poorly written script. This is her best effort until date with most dialogues and all but that is all it is: an effort. Rajneesh Duggall’s character is sketchy and he looks like he is jaywalking through the film. Daniel Weber (Sunny Leone’s husband) is wasted. One of his dialogues is, you are an uncut diamond, only I know your worth! The Supporting characters are annoying and not worth mentioning. The movie is like a huge music video. Go buy a ticket if you are a Sunny Leonefan (you will love it), as for others if you want to watch Sunny Leone, go for baby doll music video. At least, it will be over in 5 minutes, unlike Beiimaan love.

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