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Banjo Bollywood Movie / Music Review | LiveAxom

Banjo Bollywood Movie / Music Review: Banjo is a story of four small time banjo players who have talent but no fortune and a New York DJ Chris, who wants to help them breakthrough in the music scene. Banjo is directed by national award winning Ravi jadhav and is his first attempt into Hindifilmmaking. The film’s initial credits say it is dedicated to the street musicians all over and it starts with a hopeful note but it’s all haywire by the end of first half itself. The script is all over the place with romance, gangfight, crime sceneand every Bollywood masala film tricks thrown in.


The introductory scene shows Tarat (Riteish Deshmukh) coming out of a gutter, extorting money from the local contractors to somehow live by and shows the hardship of a small time music player’s life. The light comes into his eyes when he plays in a banjo band with his friends called Grease, Paper and Vajya (Dharmesh Yelande, Aditya Kumar and Ram Menon) at a ganpati puja. Apparently some Mikey (Luke Kenny) sends the video of them playing banjo to Chris (Nargis Fakhri) who is in New-York. She decides to team up with them for her new single. Until the end of the first half, Chris keeps on searching for the band while Tarat is obsessed with Chris. The story sees the entry of multiple characters with no motive such as Anand Ingle.

In the second half, the film deviates from the core and shows land grabbing, violence and then if you are able to bear the film till then, it finally ends. The Nargis’s character is shown as a dense girl who doesn’t care if people pass sexist jokes at her as she is helping the banjo band to achieve the fandom of JimiHendrix and likes. The film’s dialogues are either comical or corny.

Nargis doesn’t have the body language to play a DJ. Her acting seems robotic and her expressions dull. Ritesh Deshmukh tries to juggle between a street musician and rock star and tries too hard. He looks worn out. It’s the supporting cast of the banjo players who bring a little life to the film. The director seems confused on where to lead the film and ends up filling the script with unnecessary stories. Luke Kenny as Mikey doesn’t disappoint. The director is successful in showing us the Mumbai experience, including the festivities, but it can’t make up for a lack of the good script. Banjo is one of the most boring music based movie.