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Assamese Songs

Assamese Songs: The great Assam glitters in the northeastern part of India. A leading producer of tea, Assam is a land of serene and composed people. If you had a cup of tea this morning, there is an 80% chance that the tea leaves were fabricated in Assam. Assam embodies one of the finest regiments of Indian-Army- the Assam Rifles. Located on the waterfront of the mighty river Brahmaputra, Assam is a home to distinct cultures and ethnic groups. When it comes to music, Assam has accorded many legendary singers like Dr. Bhupen Hazarika, Zubeen Garg, Shaswati Phukan, Kalpana Patowary, Angarag Mahanta and many more.

Students of history claim that the culture of the Songs, Musical Instruments and Dance was seen in Assam amid the second century. History likewise asserts that Assamese Music was appreciated even in China. Amid the Vedic period, the music was mingled with Ragas and Dhrupad Shailee of the Indian Classical music.

The celebration of Bihu is the absolute joy of Assamese culture. The Bihu geet are the melodies sung amid this celebration. The festival of life is conveyed through Bihu melodies. These are orchestrated around the subject of adoration. These tunes are performed by youth, which is portrayed by, tossing and flipping of hands, lively venturing and swinging of hips. Husori is another sort of Bihu geet, which is sung by gatherings of young men and young fellows. Dissimilar to Bihu geet, Husori is basically in view of the religious subject and the people pray to God for the welfare of mankind.

Kamrupiya Lokageet is a prominent type of music of Assam, which is sung in lower Assam. This type of folk music was created during the rule of Kamrupa Kingdom. These melodies cast different human emotions. It is known for its wealth of musical style.

Goalporiya Lokgeet is a type of traditional music of Assam, which is mainly sung in the Goalpara region. It is actually the melodious tune of Goalpara and is not related to religion or customs. It has diverse sub-kinds that contrast in the musical mettle. These tunes are sung in chorus sole blended with dotora.

Another kind of traditional music of Assam is Tokari geet, which depends on various mythological stories and portrays the social culture. These tunes are performed with Tokari, a musical instrument with a solitary string played with fingers, cymbals, and woodwind. These tunes are primarily sung by a male piloted by a leader. Tokari geet is a well-known type of traditional music of the state.

Aainam is divine traditional music of the state, which is chanted by the females. It is a customary folk tune, which has been sung since time immemorial. It is said to be associated with death and ailment. This is generally sung when somebody in the family is experiencing some genuine infection, particularly smallpox. It is sung by ladies applauding to commend the Goddess.

Bianaam is another well-known type of people music of Assam, which is pervasive in both Upper Assam and Lower Assam. These are essentially marriage tunes sung amid the marriage. These are sung as a source of amusement by mocking at the bride and groom. These tunes outline epic stories of King Baana and his girl Usha who was wed-locked with Aniruddha, the grandson of Lord Krishna. These melodies are especially sung by the female folk of the state.

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Top 10 Assamese Songs:

  1. Rati Rati – Ratnakar – Zubeen Garg
  2. Dhulikona – Kanchanjangha – Zubeen Garg – Zublee
  3. Eta Kotha Kua Na – Ratnakar – Zubeen Garg – Harchita
  4. Tumar Ukhahot – Neel Akash
  5. Tumi Ahile – Deeplina Deka
  6. Sui Diyana – Deeplina Deka
  7. O Re Priya – Aabahan Theater – Zubeen Garg
  8. Din Jwole Raati Jwole – Mission China – Zubeen Garg and Zublee Baruah
  9. Kobita Kenekoi Likhe – Konwarpurar Konwar – Zubeen Garg
  10. Dhan Te Nan – Vreegu Kashyap