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Arya Bhadar Biography | Arya Bhader Biography

Arya Bhadar is a budding artist. He’s energetic on Hindi tv. A new mythological series on the Sony tv channel, Nandala of Yashomati Maya “Has begun. The serial airs from Monday to Friday at 9:00 PM. During which this function of Bala Krishna (Nandlala) is performed by youngster artist Arya Bhadar. Individuals are liking his character loads. She is wanting very enticing as Nandlala.

Nandala of Yashomati Maya
Nandala of Yashomati Maya

Arya Bhadra (Yashomati Maiya’s Nandla) Biography

That is the primary theme of Arya’s Yashomati Maiya Ka Nandalala. Arya is just 7 months old. She is a baby. His father and mother drive him to the series’ filming locations. All of the solid crew members of the series love him a lot. He’s being properly taken care of on the set.

This series relies on the childhood of Sri Krishna. As the title suggests, it depicts the love relationship between a mom and a son in a narrative based mostly on the Bhagavata Purana.

Nandala of Yashomati Maya
Nandala of Yashomati Maya

Together with Arya, Neha Sargam Yashoda, Rahul Sharma Nand, Himanshu Jainshi, Lord Vishnu, Romit Raj Vasudev, Dinesh Mehta, Lord Shiva, and Reema Ora Parvati have performed roles in this series.

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